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Engine build LS/VTEC


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Has enyone built an LS/VTEC and ran it in any car?How did it do?Was it realiable?


Kevin Helms runs a B20VTEC and it's fast as hell. Michael Lee on the west coast runs an LSVTEC and hasn't had problems.


It's definitely doable for H1.

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Just curious-


BTW...I have a B20/DC2 2400lbs ..


If it was just the engine / trans swap how much faster was Micheal at your local tracks?




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Michael Lee still need to get used to the car. It is taking him longer than I expected. The car should make the same power to his old LS/Vtec. But this should have better gearing.


yes, he couldn't get his DC2 below 2400 lbs.

With the K20, we corner weighted the car and it came out to 2407 lbs.

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The 2250lbs number probably didn't have DC2 chassis in mind. We are slightly below 2400 with ME in the 4-dr, and I doubt we could get another 50lbs out of it without spending mucho bucks or swiss cheesing out the body!!!

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