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Well....What is latest on Mid-Ohio for ST????


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I'm not sure what that "fast time" will actually be.

I watched the time trials from between turn 1 and the back straight.

We had a watch on Danny, and that boy can drive. A plain and simple fact. No disrespect to anybody..hell we are all friends. But I can tell you this, If Danny gets a car that will stay together I think a 33+ is doable in ST2 and 30+ is doable in ST1. NOW I couldn't do it...

The NATIONAL inST1 are gonna be tough this year.

Danny...maybe you should think more ST2


I can echo that. I've watched Danny from the tower and from the hillside at Madness and it's a true rarity to be a spectator and visibly see that a car is getting the wheels driven off of it and with obvious finess. I truly believe ST1 is where the "show" is going to be... I just hope it doesn't turn into "spec vette"

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