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Questions about getting started


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Hey -

So, Im relatively new to all of this so any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. I have a 1986 944 n/a that I hope to build up in the next few weeks into a spec car. If anyone can give me advice as to whih modifications have proven good vs. those that arent incredibly necesary: that goes for suspension, interior, engine, tranny, exhaust, etc. On top of that, does anypone have any suggestions on sponsorship? I want to develope as much sponsorship as possible to cut costs building the car (but my lack of experience makes it hard).


My biggest question right now is regarding sponsorship. I have a few sponsors lined up who want to purchase my hood and fenders, etc. as advertisement space. The problem is that I dont know what to charge. Whats the going rate for a hood? fenders? doors? roof? any info would be great.


Thanks so much,


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Here is something I put together a few years ago when this class got started. It is still quite valid today although there may be a few things we have learned over the years not listed. (example is I talk about chips, but as of 2007 chips are not legal anymore.)


Good place to start.




Beyond that ask alot of questions. Alot of spec racers hang out here and are happy to answer any questions you have. Building these cars is supposed to be simple and easy.



As for sponsorship. Most of us are self funded any would be happed to sell any space on our cars for just about anything.


Here is a link to the 944spec website techincal archive. Again more good info plust a couple recient build journals.



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There is a lot of wisdom in this group, none of which is mine!


None the less read "Go ahead and take the wheel" by Dave Gran.


If you come to the track next week end you can borrow my copy.


Big brown Motor Home, 944 #17...welcome



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I agree with JD in that there is a lot of good advise available on this forum. I just starting racing 944 Cup this year and went thru much of what you are going to go thru. Feel free to PM or email if you like.


You can find a copy of "Go Ahead Take the Wheel" here for not a lot of money:




I think it is a very worthwhile read.

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Hi Jack,



Pretty much what Joe, JD & ozz said. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people on the forum and locally to help you out.

Good luck with your car and the sponsorship!


These cars are relatively easy to put together.

We got the #95 car (in the picture below) ready in about 45 hours spread over three weeks (mostly weekends) for the Thunderhill race a couple of weeks ago (Apr. 14-15)

This includes:

Remove all interior

Cut dash to fit roll cage

Replaced right rear control arm

New inner/outer rear wheels bearing on both sides

rebuilt all 4 brake calipers

flushed brake system

R&R brake lines with braided lines

R&R both rear axles

R&R rear shocks

Installed front sway bar

Installed rear sway bar

New front control arms, ball joints, bushings

R&R front struts

Installed springs and perch

Installed strut brace

Installed steering wheel quick release and Momo steering wheel

Mount fire extinguisher

Installed transponder


We had help from our roll cage installer TCDesigns who installed the cage, kill switch plate, window side net and center net, mount the seat & harness. We drop off the car on a Monday and got a the car back on Thurday because he knew we need the weekend to work on it.

The week before the race Autopoint Motors had the car for two days to replace some weak lifters in the motor, remove heater core, install kill switch, clean up loose wiring, change all fluids (motor oil, tranny oil, radiator), installed front tow hook and rear tow strap, weld tabs onto cage for wink mirror and perform alignment.


Still to do this weekend.

Replace torsion bar tube, we could only get -1 deg. of camber in the right rear. Upon inspection it looks like the tabs were bent from a collision at one time.

Install rear 30mm torsion bars and lower the car.

Replace all rear bushings.

Replace brake rotors, pads (did not come in on time for the last race).

Do the alignment again because we're lowering the car.


* the black tape is across the hood because the hood pin broke on Sunday before the race, it's been repaired


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Thanks you guys, all of you input has been very helpful.


Rigt now, it looks like I have to tighen up som eloose ends (like the alternator) and then clean it all up so I can figure out what is leaking and from where.


After that I should be able to start building the car and hopefully get it done as soon as possible so I can get out and drive it.


I really appreciate everyones help.




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Glad you came over last week and it was nice to meet you.

We'll get you the parts you need right here in San Diego.

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Thanks Tim,

I really appreciate all of your help. Ill have that alternator in in a day or two and then get the car all cleaned up. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling after that.


Thanks man,


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No problem, Jack.

We autocross locally here in San Diego and we'll get you started off climbing the 944 racing ladder.

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