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2003 Black Evo8 for sale....


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Hey all, I'm selling my baby, a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 w/ sunroof. I'm just getting into HPDE's and eventually plan on applying for my competition liscense and, after driving my car post tuning for the past two days with the new tune/parts, it's definately too fast for me to learn to road race with. I'll start with the current modifications....

-Buschur Racing (BR) Stage 1,2 and 3 packages consisting of....

-Open element air filter kit w/ MAF pipe

- 3" turbo-back exhaust, no cat

- Autometer Boost gauge

- BR mini battery kit

- BR upper intercooler pipe kit

- BR race intercooler kit with all hard-piping

- HKS 264 degree duration cams (not in car at the moment)

- GSC 272 degree duration cams (in car)

- Upgraded valve springs and retainers (car revs safely to ~9000)

Also installed on car...

- HKS DLI-2 ignition box

- 720cc fuel injectors

- BR oversized throttle body w/ port matched intake manifold

-Walbro high flow fuel pump

- Turbo XS UTEC standalone/piggyback fuel and ignition controller with the ability to switch between 5 maps (using 2 now) tuned by Turbo Trix of Edison, NJ

- Turbo XS wideband O2 sensor box, mounted in glove box, non-data logging

- Turbo XS knock-lite (lights up when knock is detected) Needed for...

- SMC alcohol/methanol/water injection kit (currently spraying 50/50 water/meth)

- APR carbon fibre radiator blockoff plate

- Buschur Racing gen1 20-g turbo with BR upgraded internal wastegate (capable of ~35lbs of boost)

- DC Sports tubular manifold

- Evo MR blowoff valve (crushed)

- Greddy Profec Type-S boost controller (capable of switching between two seperate boost levels)

- BR short shifter w/ solid shifter bushings

- DSG delrin rally shift knob, really cool piece, never gets slick from hand sweat/oil or anything.

- Exedy twin plate clutch, non-carbon

- Rallysport titanium pedals (not installed on car, much wider for heel-toe, replaces actual gas pedal, no screws!)

- Evo MR headlights (instead of chrome inside housing, blacked out)

- Evo MR tail lamps

- Fully adjustable factory complete carbon fibre spoiler. This is not the CF spoiler you see on most EVOs, it was a factory race option for the first month the EVO was available in the states. It's a completely different design compared to the stock spoiler, made entirely of carbon fibre.

- JIC FLA2 adjustable coilovers (threaded body as well as threaded spring perch, I can supply spring rates on demand, they're readily available, also caster/camber adjustment) I also have the car corner balanced.

- Stock Brembo rotors and calipers

- Hawk HP Street brake pads

- Goodridge stainless steel brake lines

- DOT 4 brake fluid

- Factory intercooler water sprayer. Sprays anything you'd like directly onto the intercooler using a windshield washer nozzle assembly, I use washer fluid.

- 5 Zigen FN01RC 18x8.5 wheels, bronze, with 235/40ZR18 Kumho Ecsta MX tires (80% tread depth). Few scratches on wheels. Completely un-noticable from a few feet away.

- Gorilla splined lug nuts

- Sparco 5 point harness bar. Not installed yet, comes with anti-submarine strap for driver only. Dark grey in color, rare.

- Last but certianly not least, a JDM imported GIGA air freshener, summer squash scent (kinda like key lime), I just fell in love with the scent


Whew, I think I got a little carpal tunnel from all that. To be honest, I probably forgot a few other goodies I installed on the car, but I'll update as I remember. I just took the car out of storage a few weeks ago and just got tuned by Turbo Trix a few days ago. Let me tell you, the car PULLS now.

Peak horsepower with the water/meth spraying was 383.79 horsepower, the torque 345.20ft/lbs. I have a dyno sheet to prove the horsepower. Also, the car makes 339 horsepower on straight 93 octane pump gas, with rougly equal torque. I could tell you all day about how much I love driving the car, and how upset I am to sell it, but anyone who's ever driven an Evolution knows the experience. With the close-ratio steering box, as well as the race coilovers and the tuned engine, I believe the car to be a roll cage away from a full race car.

The car runs great, I've owned it for three years, put 16,000 miles on it (34,000 total), and havn't had a problem yet! The car burns no oil. The SES light is on only because I took the catalytic converter off and didn't install an emulator. The clutch shows no signs of wear, brakes look good. I use NGK BPR8ES spark plugs, and change them every 1500 miles. The car is glitch-free. The only future plans I had for the car were to reinstall the HKS 264 cams, as to move the powerband to more midrange rather than top end, I'm not a high revving type of guy.

I took the car drag racing twice, once when it was stock to get a base time, which was roughly 14.2 (launching an AWD car is quite the challenge), and again to grudge match another Evo, ran a 12.72 @ 124. Other than that, it's just been driven respectfully on the street. I have all the stock parts that were taken off the car as well.

Now for the nitty-gritty. I am asking 31,000 obo for the car as it sits, including the stock parts as well as the extra cams. Throw me a reasonable offer and we could talk about it, I'm a very easy going guy and would just like to see the car go to a fellow car nut.

I live in Northeast Pennsylvania, and would be happy to show the car to anyone that would be willing to make the drive. Also, pictures of anything you'd like could be supplied if requested.

Finally, contact information. My name's Matt, you could reach me at 570-499-0894 day or night. Also, my e-mail is [email protected]. Well, I think that was long winded enough, thanks for looking!!

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Any pictures of the race spoiler, by chance? I'm curious.


Also, any chance of maybe selling that spoiler?



Good luck with the sale!




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Sure thing, I'll get some pictures of the spoiler, as well as some of the rest of the car up here tonight. Sorry though, the spoiler stays on the car.

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