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86 944 Turbo Porsche GTS challange...


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17K, its too low but that doesn't reflect the time/money put into the car.


Having owned one of Mike's former Porsche projects, I can attest that his cars are obsessively built, and I mean that in a good way . I owned that car and tracked it for a year without a single failure before moving on to a fully built spec 944. Another example is the weeks of labor Mike put in taking every last bit of tar mat/seam putty/sound deadening out this 951 - even the wheel wells


Take advantage of Mike's pathologic problem of losing great sums of time and money building great Porsches, and buy this car. I aked Mike about buying this car from him a while ago, but he apparently wasn't done sinking money and time into it. .


Hey Mike, does this mean you might come Spec 944 racing with us? You know your old 924S is out on the track now...


If you'd be interested in selling the trailer separately, either I or a freind of mine might be interested...

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Thanks for the kind words Eric!


The car is far from a project, its ready to go...and was tracked last season.


Will consider an interesting trade, but would prefer a street car requiring no work or very little.


I do have a spreadsheet listing the features of the car in more detail.

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$5600???? Man I hate I missed this.


Yeah, that was one *hell* of a bargain. For that money I would have tried to find a way to make it work...

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