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Too Low??


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I know this is long, but I need some second opinions guys


So, after two HPDE events and one Auto-X, I fear I need to re-index my rear t-bars. I'm not rubbing, bottoming out or hitting the bump stops (as far as I can tell), but I'm getting a *clunk* sound from the back of the car when the rear suspension is fully loaded and I hit a bump or the curbing. It's not a constant noise; it sounds like maybe the sway bar hit the curbing and gave me one solid *thump*. Though there are no signs of the rear sway actually hitting...


Here's the twist though, I bought rebuilt axles from Kragen and installed them before my last HPDE (Buttonwillow). Prior to this event, I was running old axles and didn't hear the same *clunk*, though I was at the same ride height. This was at Cal Speedway and didn't hear this noise at all...though Buttonwillow has much more curbing, and I was taking advantage of clipping them.


I'm thinking maybe the new CV's are 'tighter' and therefore binding when I load one wheel really hard. Would a CV give me a *clunk* though when it's maxed out angle-wise? I imagine it would, considering it has a max angle of movement and I appear to be reaching it. If I raise the car an inch or two, I would level the axles much more (in relation to the ground), and in turn hopefully not reach the max angle I currently reach. I only have about 0.5 inches room to go up though, in the spring plates, so I'll have to re-index if it is in fact too low.


For reference, my 88 924S rear has:

30mm t-bars

Welt torsion tube\carrier bushings

Koni yellows, adjusted about 1/3 from full-soft

15x7 phonies

215/50/15 street tires



Any other opinions or possible solutions? I'm reluctant to re-index the rear, since it was such a PITA. Anybody else really low with no issues?




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