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Went to pca race and got more confused on class


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Hi, I went down to lime rock this weekend for the pca club races. I was talking to a guy running and I stock 944. He suggested sp1 as class yet when I asked him if I ran hoosiers on an sp1 suspension how much weight I would have to run he said like 2950 or something and It would bump me up to sp2. My two questions are, one what modifications can you make to an I stock car. Second If I were to run an sp1 car with 7 and 8 inch wheels with hoosiers what would be the required weight for sp1? thanks mike

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(1) You can make numerous changes to a 944 in I stock, such as the suspension is free (shocks,springs, bushings, sway bars), aftermarket header and air filter, any DOT tire, plus much more. Best to refer to PCA rule book for complete list: http://www.pca.org/clubrace/docs/forms.htm


(2)If you are running Hoosiers you would not be in SP1 but rather SP2. Same with 8" wheels.

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SP1 rules are 944 spec rules.


Here is a copy of the 944 spec rules (Note the 944 cup rules are in there too, but the 944 spec rules are listed first



944 spec rules require Toyo's and 7" wide wheels. There is only 1 weight for the cars in SP1. 2600 with driver.


SP1/944 spec rules are more restrictive than I stock in everything, but weight. This is especiall true for the 2007 NASA 944 spec rules with changes to chips & headers.


SP2 / 944 cup is very different rule set based on I stock with allowance for greater weight removal.



Here is a very basic outline of 944 spec (SP1 rules)



2.5L US spec 944 & 924S 83-88 model years only.

Engines stock all internals

Max compression 10.5:1

NASA rules update for 2007

Stock headers & Stock DME chips



Koni Sports, Bilstein HD shocks. 30 mm max t-bars. No coilovers

Camberplates allowed

Any sway bars

Any Non-metallic bushings (ie no spherical bushings)



Stock clutch pressure plate & flywheel.

Stock gearbox, 88 944 & 924S "short" 5th gear allowed

Any LSD allowed, welded diffs also allowed


Wheels tires

15x7 cookie cutters or 15x7 Phone dials (23.3 mm or 52.3 mm offset) ONLY

225/50 R15 Toyo RA-1's are the only tires



Stock body with stock glass & stock aluminum bumpers

Door window glass can be removed/replaced only

Stock track width for 944 is max for all cars.

Interior can be gutted to achieve 2600lbs with driver A/C, head head lights and all non essentials can be removed except stock gauge cluster to achieve weight.


The details are in the rules, but that covers 944 spec pretty well.

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