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<Sold> For sale! Honda Crx- race ready


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Must sell asap! Big Sacrifice to the hubby but it has to go because he now wants a rig to start his own business.



Brand new paint job that is Bright Red!

1991 Honda CRX with an 8 point roll cage made out of D.O.M material welded to base plates, sparco race seat, momo detachable steering wheel, Auto meter gauges,Battery disconnect switch, adjustable proportion valve, header and intake,Shaved Toyo Tires,13 inch rims, stainless steel break lines, Progress suspension all around, Progress front and rear sway bar, 1.5 Jap motor. over 12 grand invested! Race ready! 6,500.00 includes open car trailer. Call 661-492-4300 or e-mail Dennis at [email protected] Only serious inquiries please.


Email for pics as I am not savvy enough to know how to post them here.



the wife

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There is no log book. It's only been on the track 3 times. Twice in hpde 3 class. Raced at button willow and at willow springs race way and once for practice at willow springs.


It has everything it needs except a fire system. It does have a fire extinguisher though.


661 area code is in southern calif. We are about 20 minutes away from Willow springs raceway and 10 minutes from LACR.

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There is no log book. .... Raced at button willow and at willow springs race way ....


How is this possible? How can a car compete w/o a log book?


I am trying to help 2 people locate complete race cars as close to the east coast as possible.


Thanks for the info.


FWIW: If you can upload a picture somewhere else and then copy the address, just click the "IMG" button above to insert the HTML tags before and after the image address.


best of luck.

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Perhaps they were not races.

I have never seen an instructor in a car under race conditions. Ever.


I have also never seen a car in closed road race competition w/o a log book.

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Hi Ren tag.


He raced in HPDE 3 class which is a aka rookie class. Still being monitored by nasa instructors. Yes they do race with instructors or without. At least they do here on the west coast. That big red X marked on the car gives it away.


No it is not the closed hard core competition you may be familiar with. But if you are familiar with Nasa Racing then you would know the class I speak of.

Of course understood to you that may not be racing but it is on a different scale.


Thanks and I wish you the best locating a car for your friends.



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I came up through NASA HPDE schools so understand the levels and the intent. I'm also on the verge of getting my competition racing license w/ the SCCA and am dealing w/ getting a log book in order to have a car to compete in races.


1 = novice (pass on straights by point only)

2 = intermediate (pass on straights by point only)

3/4 = advanced (pass only when by point - sometimes they allow points in corners)


NASA will come down on the drivers or event planners if they are treating HPDE groups as w2w racing environments. This is mainly b/c of insurance reasons it is an instruction / school environment and not w2w racing. You take the competition licensing school in order to get into racing. A real w2w race is a much different animal than an HPDE. Also because you do not need a log book that tells you it was a driving school event the car was run in. NASA always requires a log book for the car if it is a real race.


Summary: An HPDE run group is not racing.

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Benny ya beat me to the thread


A very big thank you to you and to Johnny Pag. Great guys you are!



J.P you're an angel heaven sent!

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  • National Staff

Glad I was able to help behind the scenes!


Or did I?


Did you get the word to Johnny before I did Benny?

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Hello PR Killer,


Our mysterious one behind the scenes. Thank you very much for all your help!


Hope to see you guys at the track this weekend!



Again a very big thank you,



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