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H4 EF Civic race car for sale


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This car is a 95% build for H4. I have spared no expense when it came to building it, other than cosmetics. This is actually a DX shell, with a Si drivetrain. That means that it is technically illegal in ITA. But the good news is that if you bought the car, sold the pro-built engine and bought a DX engine, you’d have a VERY competitive car for ITB, where the car was recently re-classed.

It weighs in at 2275 with me (180lb) and 30lb of ballast and a full tank. That’s 25lbs over ITA min weight. H4 is 2150, so to be at minimum weight, there’s a little bit of work to do.

Here’s the laundry list of everything that comes with the car:


- Walt Puckett cage with driver side NASCAR bars.

- Helmet hook

- Longacre convex mirror

- XT Lap Timer with beacon

- Sparco “383â€

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All right, at the end of this week (Friday the 13th of July 2007):

- the trailer will be sold separately, making it impossible for me to help delivery

- the engine will be taken out and sold separately

- what will be left will be put up for sale as an ITB "roller+" (may or may not include used DX engine)

- if the roller doesn't sell in one month, the car will be parted out


I hate having unresolved items in my life - this car needs to be taken care of somehow.


thanks for looking.

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Wow I just came across this post, sounds like it began as a GREAT deal (and still is!). Sorry to see you had to part it out. Good luck selling the remainder.

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