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miata rollbar


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I am wondering if anyone knows what roll bars are legal for hpde in a miata. Ive noticed that some bars are listed as solo 1 legal. Does nasa have the same requirements as scca or are any of the bars made bye like hard dog legal? Any info is greatly appreciated.


I went and watched my first nasa event in Iowa this last weekend, and I am now convinced that I need to get out there as much as i can affoard too.

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I am certain that some of the Hard Dog bars are Solo 1 legal. If you're spending the money it makes no sense to get one that isn't. I had this one in my '91 Miata and it most definitely passed tech everywhere:




Looking on Hard Dog's website, this is it with the optional double diagonals for $520 shipped:


http://www.bethania-garage.com/hardcore.htm (fits '90-'97)


http://www.bethania-garage.com/m2_hardcore.htm (fits '99+)


Hope it helps,



PS- I sold that Miata almost four years ago and am definitely not a Miata expert; there may be better choices available now, but I was very pleased with the Hard Dog product quality and fit at the time

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I posted this last year : http://www.nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=11528&highlight= . I went with a Boss Frog ClearviewMaXX w/ harness bar but have yet to have it teched. From the way I understand it the BF CVM is a tad shorter but sits further back at the top than the HD. I'm 5'11 w/ 32" inseam and should be 2" under the broomstick. I plan on being ready for Putnam; right now I'm working on seats and harness. Hope this helps.




PS: buy the book!

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Thanks for the tips guys. I will have to see what happens. I am a little concerned about fitting under the rollbar since i am 6'1". I think i might have to get some height dimensions of the bars and do some measuring.

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The Hard Dog Hard Core bar, non-hardtop version, is the tallest bar offered for the Miata. It WILL work with a hardtop, just you can't use the side latches (not a big deal). It should pass tech anywhere... we sell these at the shop if you need one.

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hey hardware,

I am in the same situation as you. I just got a 90 miata and im looking to get a roll bar so i can do some HPDE events. I have been trying to do a little research but i have not gotten too far. I am 6' 2" so i am also a little worried about weather or not i will fit under the bar. On the Flyin' Miata website they say that the M2 hard core is 1.25" taller that the sport bar, but i dont know how tall that is. The m2 is Hard Dog's tallest bar, i think, so it may be the best bet.


do you have any more info on any way to get me sitting lower in the miata?

thanks for the help

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I have a solo 1 hard dog and its good. I am 6' 2" myself....BUT. I also run with the hard top. But I think...and I say think that you are good with that. I have seriously thought about about running topless...but I have noticed a great increase in car flex without it. Something to think about.


Just a note on that...I have NEVER seen a spec miata racer run without a hard top....so there must be something to the hardtop.

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Call Tom at Hard Dog. He can answer any of your questions. If think you will ever do Time Trials (Solo 1), you need to go ahead and get the hardcore. If you are just looking to do HPDEs, either of the bars would be fine.



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Here's the section in the CCR's under HPDE Technical Requirements that specifies what is recommended for a open cockpit vehicle... its states the roll bar size requirement if you run one...


11.4.7 Roll Bars

All open cars should have a roll bar installed to help protect the occupant(s) from injury

during a roll-over. The roll bar should be able to withstand the compressional forces

involved in supporting the full weight of the car. The roll bar’s main hoop should extend

the full width of the car (except certain cars that have been approved by NASA). The

main hoop shall be one continuous piece with smooth bends and no evidence of

crimping or wall failure shall be present (i.e. should be Mandrel bends). All welds should

be of the highest possible quality, with full penetration [Ref:(15.6.15)]. All cars with roll

bars are required to have adequate roll bar padding per CCR section #15.6.4. In cases

where the driver’s head may come in contact with the roll bar should the seatback fail, a

seatback brace is required in conformance with section #15.6.22. The material and

minimums are as follows: (All cars with full roll cages should conform to the applicable

sections found in section #15.0.)

Vehicle weight DOM or ERW

Under 2000 lbs. 1.50" x .120â€

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