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mounting my AMB... Kinda lost


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Ok i was told that the best place to mount it is where the front license plate goes. Well if some one could explain how this works i would apreciate, do you use the license plate thing, that the license plate screws onto?? or is there something that i can make or buy that will mount in one of those holes on my bumper , that isnt so big and gaudy as a license plate frame... I hope yall understand what im trying to explain lol




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As long as the bottom of the AMB has a clear line of sight to the ground. Can pass through plastics but not metal.


Does your transponder come with a holder bracket like this:




If so, fix the holder on the bumper. If this is a one time thing, find a place to ziptie the transponder to the bumper.

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mine is actually mounted off my rear bumper


for TT, as long as it has a clear line of sight to the ground (metal or carbon fiber will greatly weaken the signal, very bad!!) and isn't more than ~18" from the track, it'll hit just fine


- Ken Brewer, former T&S Guy

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I imagine a little bit would be ok.... don't get to crazy with it


i want, That Slash / is as much angel as i need.

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I wouldnt mount it to anything that may eventually cut your 330$ ticker loose.


Mount it to metal.


I have seen alot of chatter about this and I guess its time to start taking some pictures to share.


Thread in another forum.


Best of luck.

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