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maximum front coilovers splitting (check them out)


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you guys may want to check out your bilstein front coilovers for splitting at the bottom parts of the strut and wearing out on the the bolt connections.

if the strut connection doesn't wrap all the around the strut (OEM style) and is welded with two pieces (one-sided welding which never works) you will probably see some cracking that will lead to possible failure as i have heard has happened. mine had slight braking of the welds after around 1200 miles and saw another guys that had about twice as many or more and he had about 85% failure.

just trying to keep us maniacs safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There's a big thread about this over on c-c.com in the suspension tech forum.


Here's a pic of mine.



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i was the guy that brought (my mama taught me well) my set to compare to his.

i was pretty amazed at what had happened. they (m@m?) say jumping (riding) curbing is to blame. but sometimes that may be the preferred line. ie rd. atl. and barbers. one on the left side and one on the right side.

the way i see it if there had of been welding on the inside of the bracket it would have been about 100% stronger.

time to go back to sleep.

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