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Sears Point Pics


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Great Pics! Looks like a full compliment of different vehicles. And a good weather day to boot. It's hard to take when it was spitting snow here in Central oregon yesterday.

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I don't think so I mainly took race group pictures. I'll post the rest of the HPDE pics that I have (if any). If I have a pic of anybodys car, let me know and I'll send you the full size pic.


If you want really good pictures, contact Norm at Head on Photos. He will usually have 10-20 pictures per car per day. He will sell you individual pics or you can buy a CD(all the pics of your car). I saw him on Sunday, I suspect he was out there both days.



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Those are great!!!!! I am shocked to see that there is one of me!

Im driving the blue wrx wagon #15

If its not too much trouble I would love to get my hands on that picture

Thanks a lot wlfpkrcn1!

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