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1988 H4 Honda CRX Si


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1988 Honda CRX Si ITA/H4

Mid-Ohio 1:45.1

Mid-Ohio Pro Course 1:42.9

Nelson Ledges 1:17.9

Road Atlanta 1:45.6

Autobahn South Course 1:41.7

Blackhawk 1:23.7

Grattan 1:30.9

Gingerman 1:39s


KAAZ limited slip with 4.68 final drive

Engine built to SCCA IT rules

Single adjustable Konis

Cold air intake

4 to 1 Header

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Oil pressure and water temperature gauges

Weight is 2250 with 45 lb ballast and 230 lb driver

11 Panasports w/mounted Hoosiers, two stickers, 4 more rims with mounted Kuhmos and 4 rims with Hoosier Dirt Stocker rain tires

FIA Belts


Lap Timer

Factory Manuals

Five years of race setup and data

Track Videos Available


Two mufflers, might meet Waterford Sound requirements

Spare engine components, radiators, fenders, hood, doors, hatch, springs, blocks, electrical, suspension included.


$8,500. Delivery available.


For pictures and additional information contact Jamie Quaderer

E-mail [email protected] or call (248) 390 1839.

Located in Detroit, MI.







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