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Formula Mazda


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This is a 1999 Formula Mazda race car.


Carburated Mazda 13B rotary engine. Approx 175-hp. Car weight w/ driver 1350-lbs. Top speed of 150-mph, 2 G's in the corners and 0-60 in approx 4 seconds.


2 way adjustable shocks, adjustable front/rear sway bars, adjustable front/rear wing angles, adjustable brake bias. 5 speed "H" pattern gearbox (clutchless shifting) w/ reverse.


Car comes with:


3 sets of wheels (1 set of good rain tires).

spare nose cone assembly

Pi data acquisition w/ software

quick-jack w/ jack stands

This car has about one and a half seasons on the engine. The engine is still strong but is likely down a little horsepower. It probably has another full season left on it before a rebuild is needed. This car is still a contender. The last race I ran in this car I put this car on pole position at Texas Motor Speedway.


The car needs an oil change and a gear inspection. New owner will also need a custom seat fabricated.


This car has treated me right ever since I have owned it. I have never had any mechanical problems with this car. It has been highly maintained. I am selling it because I cant afford to race it anymore. I am looking to get into karts. This car is an absolute BLAST !!! It is an amazing piece of machinery and is lightning fast. I hate to part with it, but, it is time for me to move on.


The car has been raced with SCCA and NASA. Has logbooks for both. Has not had annual tech inspection for this year, but, will have no problems passing guaranteed.


for pictures please view the item on ebay...



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