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NACA wing profile for DIY wing


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I know that many have laid down the groundwork for wings for racecar applications. I just don't know if any of the information regarding wing profile has been "declassified" so the average joe can use it for a DIY project.


I have found a company that can CNC cut foam cores to any NACA profile, I just don't know where to start. I was thinking of a foam core with round aluminum support beams running the width of the wing. Foam in three sections (outboard,center,outboard) with an aluminum mounting cross-section in two places.


Any help available?



If it matters, it is going on my 2780lb AI car 290HP/302TQ. I know people talk about needing to have a bunch of power to push the aero down the straights. Maybe a smaller chord section?

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I'm already a cc.com member (wht1992lx). I've seen several threads over there with DIY wings, but nothing talking about a specific profile.


I know Paul Birds "Egocentric Self Fufilling Race Car Build" thread has a bit about his modified wing profile.


It looks like I'm probably going to go with the Trans-AM spec profile just to keep it simple.

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