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Corner Marshalls and Staff


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To Ohio Regional Director and whom it may concern;


Will you be needing some extra hands for Nationals this year? Some of NASA AZ's (now CRA) and NASA SoCal's finest from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University might come up to Mid Ohio for the fun.


If you want first hand accounts of our service in the Southwest talk to John Lindsey, Gene, Ryan Flaherty, Glenn, oh man the list goes on... any driver in the AZ SoCal Region.




-patrick g.

[email protected]

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Thanks for letting us know you will be coming up for the Mid-Ohio event. I help operate the three regional events but Bryan Cohn ([email protected]), National Competition Manager would be the person to contact regarding the Championships.


If you are in town for the July13-16 or Augsut 17-19 Mid-Ohio Region events, I'm your guy.


Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at the Championships.

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