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PIR race review


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Hey guys,

It's Wed allready how about a review about the battles at PIR! I have only herd from 1 driver but lets hear how everyone faired. Norm, Glen you guys usually are articulate about your track battles.

And no I'm not starting anything. You had 10 racers there someone had to have fun!!

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I'm sure everyone would like to hear about it.

Anyone can submit a race report.

Just send it to me via a email ken at 944spec.org, plain text is fine I'll format it and put it on the website.

Anyone who has pictures of the event please send them my way also.

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Sorry gang for not posting earlier, Trying to work full time and after work for weeks I was spending full time hours rebuilding the car and trying to maintane a balanced home life with Gretchen has put me way behind with my chores (hooking up the swamp coolers, getting my motorcycle going, going through bills, Gretchen stuff, etc...) I guess all low budget racers go through this from time to time.


Weather was unbeleivable, the temps only dropped for the two days that we were there into the 80's, today it's 106 at PIR


We had about 210 minutes of track time in just the race group!!!!


OK, for me, I was pretty lucky I guess that things could have been worse for a first race on new main bearing, rod bearings, balance shaft bearings, rings ETC.........The only thing I ran into was a venting issue with my gas tank, so much pressure built up that the floor over the tank actually swelled up about 2 or 3 inches and when you would open the gas cap, it would drop. The symptoms with the pressure were, the car would idle, but as soon as you hit the gas, even a half inch, the motor would die then when you lift, it would come back on, it's kinda tough idleing around a track and getting good times!


So on with the race, I only know parts because I didn't really race very much, I hope that Jim, Hal, Steve, Vince and some of those guys will chime in because they probably had the best race going. I think Mikael had his camera going most of the time and can probably watch that for a more detailed play by play


We did have a good turn out, we all appreciate Mikael doing the long haul out to join us, can't wait for more of you to join, and with about 2 or 3 DE'rs we had about 13 or 14 cars and that number is growing pretty darn fast.


Saturday's race: Mikael had pole, me, Glenn, Jon, Darren, Jim, Vince, Dave, Hal and Steve. Mikael lead us for two or three laps and on about lap 3, he got a little sideways so Glenn and I got by him putting Glenn in the lead and me in 2nd and then Mikael third, after a few more laps going into #7, a second gear turn my motor died and I spun then had to deal with idleing for awhile till the car decided to go again, now I am just watching those two crazy guys going at it for the rest of the race. They swapped positions a couple of times, 3 or 4 laps from the end Mikael was behind Glenn, Mikael got a little anxious and dive bombed into #9 running into the back side of Glenn's driver door, they kept racing with Glenn in the lead, going into #1 and I think this was on the white flag lap, Mikael passed Glenn and by turn #3, Mikael got a little crossed up giving Glenn the pass and that is how the race ended, Glenn, Mikael, Me, Jon, Darren, Jim, Vince, Dave, Hal and Steve. Mikael showing great sportsmanship appologized for hitting Glenn's car, they made a deal that both were happy with, shook hands and they are still friends. (just like it should be handled)


Sunday after thinking I should loosen my gas cap to releive the pressure, my car ran normal all the way upto the time that I ran out of gas because it all poured out! Not a good idea doing that!!


Our SW Champion Mikael had pole, me, Glenn, Jon, Darren, Dave, Vince, Hal, Steve. This race was the one that I ran out of gas, Glenn had a bad tire and DNF'd I also beleive that Darrens new motor broke, (Important note: this is the second motor failure do to the balance shaft after a rebuild, for $9 you can buy balance shaft bearings and from what I have seen, they don't alway get replaced) So I would love to give a play by play, but all I know is Mikael finished first, then Jon, and I believe Jim Foxx. Mylaps has the order by fastest times and not finishing order. Again I hope that some others chime in and give a better play by play, we need Joe back, he should have been a sports writer!


Next there is going to be a night enduro at FIR on May 19, that is an hour and half long enduro with no mandatory stops. If I can fix my venting issue and have head lights by then, I am in, anyone interested? There will be about 2000 spectators and it is usually a big party!!!!!

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