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Noob question?


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I just finished swapping a b16a3 into a 94 civic coupe. I plan to use this car for auto x, track days, while getting it ready for H-C. Do you guys have any advice on car setup (cage bought or made, suspension, etc) that will save me time and money? Thanks

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the cheapest, and fastest way would be to buy a honda racecar. There are allways a few for sale and much cheaper than building one!!


some links that have race cars for sale:

http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=1485297&page=1 6 pages of cars on Honda-tech.com





If you are going to build it anyway then,

-READ the rules in full... then read them again!!

-Cage should be custom weld in cage by a good race shop that knows how to make a good LEGAL NASA roll cage.

-Ground control set up with race valved Koni yellows is a good start. Also I hear good things about the PIC setups. 550lbsd/ich front, and 750lbs/ich rear is also a good start for spring rates.

-some sort of adjustable upper A-arm up front is allways a plus.

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