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AI West - WillowSprings race report - May 5-6


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Pic link: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=v8cobra99&aid=576460762400747664&pid=&wtok=BID_tEFgFPyfAYh9geiEzA--&ts=1178910991&.src=ph


NASA Pro Racing – American Iron West Race Report – Round Three

Willow Springs Raceway, May 5-6, 2007


Series Sponsors: ToyoTires, Maximum Motorsports, Steeda Autosports, Griggs Racing, Agent47 Competition Products, J&M Products, Anze Engineering.


The racing gods have been awakened once again, and it was clear they were not happy. The Friday test and tune day was struck by an awesome sand storm whipped up by a mountain of sand flying and spinning through the region. With gusts of winds up to 70 MPH, crews did all they could to just keep equipment secured and keep cars from being pushed off the track at the high-speed corners of Willow Springs. Teams driving up to the track miles away were unsure if the US Air Force were using the race area for a nuclear bomb test area or not, but braved driving right through the storm to continue the west region championship series fight. “It was truly a sight to see…something out of a movieâ€

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That was a good read with lots of details. Thanks Andy.


I definitely saw a marked improvement in the Agent47 car, at this rate Corey should be a definite factor in AIX before too long.


That track is crazy fast, it gives me goosebumps looking back at it. I saw a steady 6X00 RPM through turn 8 which is over 132 MPH.


Turn 1 was also fun for me at about 95 MPH.

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