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99 Ford F-250 Super Duty Extended Cab V10 in VA


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Hi guys,

I just bought a crew cab dually so my current pick up is going up for sale. It is a 1999 Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty Extended cab with four doors (back doors open backwards). White exterior w/ grey interior. 5sp manual transmission w/ low first. The chassis has 113K miles but the engine is brand new from Ford with a 3 year 75K mile warranty. The old engine had a cracked head so rather than fix it, I went ahead and did the whole ball of wax. With the new engine, the injectors were serviced, new oil cooler, new clutch kit, plug boots (coil on plug ignition), etc... Everything on the engine is new or in perfect shape. Another bonus is that the engine replacement gets you the most modern version of the 2V V10 engine which has higher HP and TQ than the 99 version. I think it is 325HP and 450 TQ but I can't seem to find the numbers right now. The truck is very nice on the exterior with no damage to speak of and the interior is free from wear or tears. No smoking in the truck ever. Linex spray in bed liner. New load range "E" tires all around last year. New front brakes and rotors. Firestone airbags in the rear suspension for load leveling and trailer towing.


This thing is a towing monster and will tow anything you put behind it. I would drive it anywhere. Edmunds and KBB put the private party value at $8,000 with 113K and retail is about $9500. However it has a new engine with warranty that I spent about $5K on so the real mileage is much lower in effect. I'd like $9500 for it


Email me at [email protected]

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Do you have pics? I am helping a friend locate a tow vehicle.


For kicks, what kind of mileage does it get towing and unladen?



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Sorry I've been so busy I haven't taken any pictures. I will get a website up to show the truck here shortly. Gas mileage is 14 to 16 MPG highway and mixed, generally around 14.


Towing an open trailer it dips to 12. Towing the biggest I've ever towed which was 10' off the ground and 10K LBS, it dipped to the 8 MPG range.

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