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New guy, first event, what to do first


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Hi guys.


Im planning on running my first TT event this next weekend at Roebling Road. Im not quite sure what to do first.


My car is ready, should qualify for the TTS class (01 zo6 and ive done all the calculations and should be just over the 8.70 required)


Can I do all the registration at the track the evening before/morning of?

Ill be at the track for the seat time event on Thursday.


Thanks for your help.

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have you contacted the registrar? Are there spaces available? If so, then you just need to bring all of your paperwork with you. TT license, NASA membership, Tech inspection paperwork and the best part....Money.

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How do I aquire a TT license?


You mean this stuff isnt free?? lol


Got the money part covered. I was told by an old wise racer to get a credit card my wife doesnt know about. I recieved it yesterday...

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1) Contact the southeast region TT directors (Chris Desalvo or Ken Brewer) to make sure you are good to go.


2) Fill out the license app and bring it:




3) Fill out the car classing form and bring it:




Have fun,



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Ok two things:


1. what Jon said is accurate as he is our TT director.


2. Dont lie to your wife unless you are planning a divorce soon.

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Nah, after 21 years she is stuck with me.


Well guys after all of this my plans changed. Im going to Sebring to run the PBOC event. BUT I will be at Roebling on Friday and maybe I can get some info from some of the folks there about the correct procedures for the next event.



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I'll be there Friday instructing with SeatTime, drop by the red MR2 if you get a chance


(and thats assuming my car gets out of the body shop this week... )

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