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How many already entered for Nationals?? List??

Red Tornado

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Not to push semantics here, but it is really tough to take a class that basically only runs in one part of the country and then expect the rest of us to figure out how that will play with the rest of us. Saying they 'will' run a configuration is different from saying they 'must' run a configuration, especially since, with my limited understanding of these cars, is that they are basically being presented by a single make 'as presented' but that the determination is still controlled by the company selling/maintaining them. (Which is how it works in Grand-Am, but they get to see the cars all together and then tweak some things based on different tracks.)


So where can we find what the 'exact' weight/HP 'as presented' is so that if one shows up in another region we can tell if it is legal or not?


We're only talking about 4 cars or so, aren't we?

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I think that there are potentially 8 of them currently. Their minimum weight is 2050 lbs with driver, and they make 215 rwhp on a Dynojet. They are primarily concerned with racing each other. As I said, if there are problems with the classing, there are provisions in place to fix said problems at the Championships. I am one of the ST Series Co-Directors at the Championships, and I will ensure that they are classed fairly for our "regular" ST competitors. I believe that the classing should work out fine, but I will be monitoring things closely. Since they are so light, they take a big hit in the power department (because of the weight mod factor) compared to most ST cars, and we all know that running a fast qualifying lap is not the same as trying to pass a "slower" car that has more hp.

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