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More 944 spec cars and new drivers in SoCal!

Tim Comeau

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Yes, there's a void left where the SoCal guys who didn't want to adopt the new NASA rules were ........no problem. Come on back anytime.


But, there are others stepping up to fill the void.


Here's a pic of the 944 group at a local San Diego PCA DE on May 12th.


In the yellow # 77 is Eric Kinninger driving John Rickard's car.

Next is CRE #006 now owned by Gunther and Andrew Enz.

Next farther driver is Everett Delano renting CRE # 002.

Next driver is Rob Hass in the #246 car. He just earned his PCA TT competition permit.

Next in line are Chuck and Debbie Sharp. Chuck just earned his racing license in his former Benbow car.

Next is Jackie Corwin, who is currently competing only in PCA events, but holds a NASA racing license, and has gone wheel-to-wheel at the PCA Festival of Speed at Fontana in March.

Last in line is Cory Muscat from Poway. He's had his 944 project on line for some time now!


On May 7th, I rented CRE # 002 out to Nick Perdikaris at the Streets at Willow. He's waiting for his ex-Wilberding car to be finished.


Marc Sexton is almost finished with his early 944 spec car and just received a hard copy of his NASA racing license!

Others with 944 spec projects going in San Diego are Doug Briggs and John Kinkaid.

Sean Steele has been driving his orange 944 at local events and just returned from driving with the BMW club at Buttonwillow on May 12th-13th. We'll get him to a NASA racing event soon enough.

These aren't the only 944 guys who are up and coming in SoCal.



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Great news! Can't wait to hear all the details about your upcoming racing adventures. Even though I disagree with the rule changes this is still a class worth competing in.

Have fun and hopefully soon you'll see 10+ car feilds.

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Thank, Mr. Sorensen.

I see you're still lurking around the forum for the class you helped get started in SoCal. The rules changes were needed to keep costs down and keep the cars closer to each other in HP. Now go build another car with a fresh engine!

It'll take a while to refill the racing grids. Some of the cars that were formerly raced have been sold to guys who are still working on earning their racing licenses.

It's all good. The future of the class in SoCal looks great again!

I forgot to mention that Dante H. wants to order a car soon, too.

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No thanks TC. My money is tied up in other places for now. I'll borrow a car every now and then to keep my license but I'll stay out of the money pit for awhile. Besides if I were to do it all over I'd buy a Spec Boxster as they are much more reliable and not all that much more expensive to be competitive.

But I wish you the best and hope things continue to grow! I look forward to the day when I get to see a big feild of 944's. It sure will be fun!!

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Here's a few pics of Nick Perdikaris driving the CERATEC car at Streets of Willow on May 7th. This was a PCA Zone 8 autocross on a Monday, which was run in a DE format until timing. Great transition event between AX and DE! The continuous laps were a big hit. Nick will be racing with us in the SoCal 944 squadron soon!




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Hopefully, you guys will be meeting Pete Ward soon. He's just ordered a 944 spec car to be used primarily for AX'ing and TT's.

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Mr. Everett Delano has been renting from me and has now decided to get a 944 spec car of his own. He's already earned an SCCA racing license so we'll have him racing with us in SoCal sooner than later.

Let's keep building this class.


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