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H1 Rules Clarification


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I just wanted to poll the RDs/rules committee members to get an opinion on this. I posted on the HC West group forum, but haven't gotten a response there, so I thought I'd try here. I just want to make sure that I'm interpreting the rules correctly.


There's a guy here in AZ who is time trialing a JDM DC5 Honda Integra

Type R. He plans to swap in a K24 and is looking at potentially

running in H1. So, he asked me if that chassis would be legal for H1

since it was never sold in the US. My take on it is that ANY

Honda/Acura chassis should be legal as a hybrid car in H1 at the

minimum weight specified for the particular motor (in this case

2450#). Is that a false assumption? I just want to be able to give him

an official ruling that would hold up in regional or national competition.




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h1 almost any honda/acura chasis is legal. so your buddy would be fine


but any other class and it will have a weight penalty

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