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Water Injection Kit ?


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So I'm having a vortech supercharger installed on my C6 and I'm wondering if it's ok to have a water injection kit installed. In addition to intercooling it adds extra cooling to the intake. I'm having it tuned without and then running as insurance and cooling. Is it ok to run a water/methanol or alcohol injection as long as it's a mixture? What do I have to do to notify race control and safety?

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Race control wont care. Safety is only going to be concerned about volatile fluids and potentials hazards due to poor installations.


What class will you be driving in and what is your goal?


If your class allows this mod, go for it. If it keeps a piston from melting it borders on a safety upgrade.



IMHO: I wouldnt see why that would be a problem. It isnt volatile at all. I inject diluted methanol into the plenum of my diesel suburban. I also have a Vortech blown 306 windsor from my mustang intended for a Factory Five roadster and it will be getting a water injection system triggered by manifold pressure and regulated by mass air voltage. ....so I like water injection.

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a buddy who races sprint cars and hot rods has told me nothing but good things about water injection. I plan to put it in my turbo miata as soon as I get the required stuff on first (roll cage, turbo, suspension, etc).

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