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rear end help!


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Help, I'm stuck! Just spent all day trying to get the rear suspension back in the car with no luck. I changed torsion bars and bushings, and I hope I got the ride height set right, but can't seem to get the thing back in the car. I can get the front chassis mounts in no problem but cannot get the bannana bar or the slip in bolt to line up. I've dropped it several times, I changed back to the stock bushings, I've cussed and screamed, got out the big pry bar and hammer all to no avail! I don't see anything in the way, but when I jack it into position, the car lifts off the jackstands b4 getting all the way in. I've done several dozen VW and 911 torsion bars, so although this is a little different, same concept. Please help b4 i put a for sale sign in the window. I'll be working on it all day tomorrow if someone wants to call and laugh at me, or offer advice.


Ron Dale 530 740-1313

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I did the same thing on my car ... The trans axle has 2 ?? ears sticking out and the torsion bar housing needs to tilt past them. I was so mad I took a cut off saw to them and they are gone !


Hope that helps...

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Success! It slipped right in(well, almost) this afternoon. And it looks like I got the ride height set the first time. It's a Christmas miracle!

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