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Race at the world famous Spa in Belgium!


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Hi Everyone,


If you've ever wanted to race at Spa in Belgium (be honest, who hasn't?), then a great opportunity has just opened up.




There are 2 seats available in an English team for the 25 hr race this July. There will be 5 drivers overall, which means 5 hours of track time EACH, plus practice & qualifying. It is an absolutely mega event. Check out what they drivers last year said:




Have you never heard of Spa? It's the most beautiful racing track in Europe... and they have a lot to choose from:




The series is the Fun Cup, which is the biggest single make racing series in Europe. Last year 155 cars started the race:




If you want to see what the start is like, then just think of honey bees around a pot... or check out this video:




Depending on your travel arrangements, we can combine it with a track day on the Nurburgring Nordschlife, otherwise known as the "Green Hell". It's an amazing circuit in Germany with over 170 turns... it's got to be driven to be believed!





For further information then please contact me:


Greg Clough

Phone: (805) 275-2339

Fax: (805) 275-2374

Cell: (949) 690-4180

E-Mail: greg (at) funcup.com

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that would be a dream come true. curiously what is ball park figure to get in as a driver?! spa looks amazing!

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Well it's a hard question to answer because there are many ways to slice the pie... but basically for a 20% share (5 hours of race time, 45 min qual) with a top-quality factory team it works out at USD $6700 including tax.


That would include pretty much everything you would need for the weekend (car, mechanics, race entry, fuel, tires, hospitality, food, etc.)


If you got your own team of drivers together and wanted to split it 8 ways (3 hours each) then the cost drops accordingly, and if you want to run with an independent team and skip the hospitality and catering, then that changes things again.


If you need any more info then let me know.



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does $6700 include any practice at Spa at all or just the race? does it include damage insurance already?


those car looks fun. low powered but sub 1700 lbs. sweet! what kind of licensing required to race the FunCup?



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That price includes 3 hours of practice/qualifying in two different sessions (90 minutes each), plus the 25 hour race. There is an optional 3 hours of practice on the day before at an additional cost.


Circuit hire for the extra practice is €420, plus some charge for the car. I can check with the UK team if you are interested, or feel free to call them yourself. Ask for Paul. http://www.funcup.co.uk


Insurance is not included, but can be found reasonably cheaply (if insurance can ever be "cheap")... if you need details then let me know. I never used to insure my car because you have to have a BIG hit to make it worthwhile. The cars are very sturdy, so any "normal" accident can usually be repaired with a bit of fiberglass bodywork and some suspension components. The cost is generally lower than the deductible.


Most cars that are involved in an accident are returned to the pits, repaired, and sent back out. Generally it's just bolt-on bits.




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the so-cal are going to spa this july for the 25hrs.

Our total cost including 1 test day and the race was $5500 per driver with a total of 5.




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Hi Benny,


The Belgian factory is cheaper, but their cars sold out almost 6 months ago. I look forward to seeing you all over in Sunny Belgium.


As for the licensing question, any NASA license will be OK. All you have to do is present it during signing-on and pay EUR50 for a weekend endorsement. Most European racing will require an FIA endorsed license (aka $$$), but the Fun Cup is run a little differently so any USA license (NASA, SCCA) will do.





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