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AI West - BW June 9-10


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Okay, the 4th round of the west series is this coming weekend. Get signed up now!!


The AI, CMC and FFR group will be parking around the pit garage area as normal (just in front of the garages). I plan to be arriving around 6pm Friday evening. Peder will arrive about the same time.


Again, Tech inspections will be held by Peder and CMC/AI support volunteers, at my RV Trailer and I will have a American Iron banner up. I have also asked Ryan Flaherty to check on us. The post qual and race weight scaling will be at the normal NASA tech station. After Qual and Race, report my trailer, to Peder. Unless Peder waves you off you must report in for inspection. BW also has a dyno at the SevensOnly shop, so expect cars to be dynoed.


So far, we have approx 13+ AI and AIX cars registered/about to register, plus we might have a few others join us at BW....


My cell is 760-807-0036 if you need to call me.


See you there!

Andy B.

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Also!! I would like to plan on flying starts on Saturday, and a Standing-start on Sunday - is this okay?? For the AIX group, they can start in front for a flying start on Sunday since they have those funky 5-inch clutches..... The AI group can do a standing start with the CMC and FFR group.




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