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FS: Performance Friction Race Pads For BMW M3 E36 E46


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For sale is a set of brand new in box Performance Friction racing brake pads for 95-04 BMW M3 PFC 0394.01.20.44. They are 01 compound. Local pick up $170.00 , will shipped for $183.00 pay-pal accepted. https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=waitochan%40hotmail%2ecom PM for more information.

FMSI D394 fits:

1988-91 Audi 200 Turbo & Quattro

1988-95 and 2001-02 BMW 525i

1996-2000 BMW 528i

1993-95 BMW 530i / 540i

1989-93 BMW 535i

1988-92 BMW 735i / IL

1989-95 BMW 740i

1988-94 BMW 750iL

1987-88 BMW L7

1995-2004 BMW M3

1991-93 BMW M5

1998-2002 BMW Z3 M Series

1990-2002 Jaguar XJ series (except 2002 XJ-R) and XK 8


01 Compound

Released in 2001,this compound has increased initial bite and improved modulation. The friction level has been increased for the first two-thirds of the braking event, with flatter torque curve and more linear friction curve compared to 83 and 93. This allows the driver to attack the brake pedal later, reducing the time spent on the brakes. Very smooth release will not over-slow the car, and won't overwhelm the car's set-up.

Like 97 compound, 01 has excellent modulation characteristics that improve controllability and driver confidence. 01 uses Performance Friction’s unique lubrication package that maintains a minimal transfer layer on the disc to help prevent brake judder and provide excellent release properties, therefore reducing overall drag in the brake system. 01 is extremely easy on the discs with very low wear. Effective from 167°F and reach 2000°F (75°C , reach 1100°C), optimum operating range is between 860°F and 1004°F (460°C and 540°C). e464vn3.jpge463ul3.jpge462el4.jpge461go6.jpg

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