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TTU or TTR, Boost controller and more questions


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I am almost sure that i am changing plans. I was planning in going to TT at the end of next year, but i think i am gonna do it this year, life is too short . Besides, i have 5 events coming at Summit Point this year, and TT will be a nice way to make things more interesting.


Anyway, if i don't wait until next year, I'll run my car the way it sits now (at my office's parking lot ); that means, 3400+lbs without me, 500hp, a boost controller inside the cabin and ...hmm.. uhh.. summer tires . I can theoretically change my boost any time i want... so... theoretically, i can be under the 5.5lbs/HP mark and be in TTR. I say theoretically since the car loses fuel pressure after 600rwhp since i haven't changed my fuel pumps.


So, reading the rules, seems like i can run only in TTR and be the only one running street tires . But i read this thread : http://www.nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=12324&start=60 and seems like NASA can seal the boost controller before each event. Is this correct?


I really don't want to re-position the electronic boost controller outside the cabin for now, until i find a good (and elegant) solution.


As you see i don't plan in being competitive at all (at least while running this weight and tires ), but i wanted to know beforehand.


Ohhh, totally off topic. If the car is dynoed at the track. When do you stop revving the car? The stock rev limiter in a Mustang GT is 5800-5900rpms, but i moved my rev limiter to 6600, I know i can make more power pass 5800 if i want to.



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We could theoretically seal the boost controller at each event, but it will be your responsibility to make sure that it gets done since it is not something that we typically do for the regional events.


Why would you run street tires on a 500-600 hp car, especially one that weighs 3400lbs--doesn't sound like the safest combination?


As far as your question about dyno testing--if the car keeps building increasing hp up to 6600 rpm, then we will test it that high. If a driver says that his "redline" is 6200, but we think that the redline is actually higher, and we do the first run and find that the car actually drops off power at 5850, we have no reason to run it up any higher.

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Thank you very much for your answers.


I've been running my car with 500HP (the 600 was just theory) for more than a year now (HPDE 2/3), and i got use to it, i just need to be extremely careful, brake sooner, and get into the gas slowely. Believe me, safety is and was my main priority, i kinda like my life the way it is now ; actually that's one of the reasons why my car is so heavy, i have at least 150lbs of safety equip. in it.


I wanted to up the boost, get stickier tires and drop weight, but i cant do it for now since involves a couple of structural changes i need to do first. I made the mistake of losing about a year of track events because i was waiting to get stuff done with the car, that's not happening again; for me track the car is about having fun and learning, not necessarily be the fastest out there. My questions were about this year, basically 2 events. And that's why i dont mind running a lot slower than what my car or I can do, or run in TTR for that matter.


I talked to Jon Felton and he is going to run with me during my next NASA event.


Again, thank you very much!

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