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I have to say building my 944 has been a nightmare! The service of the vendors that most people say they are using has been horrible. Without naming names, I've ordered from the places I've gotten from recommendations here and have been given wrong parts, or not given my complete order, or worse. One company I bought from swears they sent my package over a month ago but my UPS guy says nothing came from that company for me.My sway bars came missing a few key nuts and bolts, the most important of which is the nut for the slider clamp. The bolt is welded in and the nut is not a common size. I ordered brake pads from another company and got one set of fronts and a receipt saying the rears would be shipped on 1/18/07. Now my calendar says that day came and went several months ago but apparently it's wrong. Today though there was a package from said company with another set of front pads and a revised estimate for shipping the rears of 6/22/07. I looked around the car again to make sure, but it still only has 2 front wheels! Maybe they want me to build the 944 version of the Tyrell 6 wheeled F1 car(is that legal in spec 944?). Tonight I wanted to make a little headway and finish the front end, (the rear only needs brakepads and the aforementioned bolts for the swaybar), so I put my grubby's on and yanked the aluminum A arms because Im switching to steel(car is a 86), but guess what, wrong bushings. When I ordered them I first asked for the Red's that everyone is using but was toldf they don't exist(so if you have them, do you REALLY have them?), so I just settled for stock for now to get the car ready. I thought I was very clear to the sales rep on what I was doing but clearly I wasn't.

To be fair, the vendors are polite and do try to rectify the problems but with mail order, it's a pain to return things. Now am I the only one who is star crossed, or are there other stories out there? Is this a problem with there not being alot of demand for aftermarket 944 parts, so less competition for vendors equals less attention to details; are we better off with spec MR2 or something equally sacreligious? If someone were to ask me an hour ago if I recommend spec 944, I would have said a resounding no in between the F words. As I write this though, I'm starting to remember why I chose spec 944. I guess all the problems will make it that much sweeter when I pass Ken AND Bill for the lead in turn 14 for my first win!

Thanks for listening, and hope to see y'all at Infineon later this month(but you know how my luck is going)!


p.s. Anybody need brake fluid?

I have 5 extra cans,don't ask!!!


Ron Dale

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I am really sorry you have been having all these problems. I am not sure of the vendors you have been using, but I have always had good experiences with Paragon Produtcs. I did have one case of wrong bushings, but that was a manufacturer packagaing error. Even so they worked hard to resolve the issue quickly.


Mostly using Paragon and one local parts show for quick turn stuff I have never had parts issues.

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I am also sorry for your bad luck, and it shows class on your part to not blast vendors on an open forum. Sometimes, I will just get on a roll of bad luck on a paticular project and as much as you want to blame somebody, you just have to chalk it up to bad luck. Now I am starting to notice a pattern, if a project is like trying to stuff a round peg into a square hole, maybe that is a sign that there is a better way of doing it, so it might be good luck in disguise.


You may already do this, but I recommend using the same supplier or just a couple of suppliers to keep it simple, talk to the same person every time.


At Paragon in TX, Jason (owner) or Chuck

German Parts and Restoration in CA (Dave)

Dart's in Denver (Dave)

20th street auto parts in Phoenix (Larry or Matt)


In the last month or so, I broke two 944 motors, street car and race car, I had to buy every bearing, seal, rings etc.... TWICE!!! Working with those guys listed above, I have had NO PROBLEMS!!! After a while, it's like on the TV show "Cheers" when I call, they say NORM!!! Before I even tell them who it is.


As long as you choose to race, especially old cars, you will be needing lots of parts, so find what works best for you. Like they say, A couple of people you don't want to p_ss off in your life, 1-your accountant 2-your bosses secratary 3-who ever is preparing your food behind closed doors and mostley for us, your parts people!!!!!!!!

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Good for you not naming names !


I must say I have gotten a little of this latley (missing the same nuts (5/16" fine thread) drop ship this and that, wait for stock) and Chris V is still waiting for parts from an online vendor.


So the problem is some vendors make mistakes or don't see how many 944's We are . How can we fix it or help prevent it from happening...


Maybe and I mean maybe. If We used one vendor for most of Our parts it would help. Now wouldn't be great if that vendor gave us Good prices and NATIONAL $PON$R$HIP. Standby for more to come but DARTAUTO.com wants our money and is willing to give back to us in more than one way (low prices (meet or beat ) and national sponsorship !


Lets see what happens next!



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Hi Ron,


Sorry to hear about your problems.

I haven't had problems with any vendors but I like to add to the gripe of quality control with the manufacturer of the sway bars.

Between Steve & I, we ordered three sets (front & rear) of sway bars and every set had something missing. The sway bars look like they were new in factory seal boxes, which is why I think it's a problem with the manufacturer. The vendor where we bought them from was very good and got us the missing parts but Q/C is such a simple step in the manufacturing process.


So Ron, are you going to be ready for the June 30, July 1 CASH race event at Infineon?

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Hey Ken,

It doesn't look like I will make the Infineon weekend, still have a few things left to do. I was trying to get the car in the shop for a tune up this week, but since I've got the front end torn apart and no parts to finish, I couldn't get it on the trailer. I am also headed to the Bay area for a few days for work, so I won't be able to touch the car 'til at least monday. I'm still a little puzzled about the front A arm bushings. I ordered another set from a local auto parts store and they gave me the same ones I ordered elsewhere but they also do not fit on the arms. It would seem I have the wrong arms, but they are identical to a junker I pulled at a local boneyard.

The problem is the pivot arm built in to the A arm is just a hair too big for the hole in the bushing. I'm sure I'm missing the obvious solution, but it's escaping me for now. Anybody have any idea's? I'm also missing rear pads that are supposed to arrive on time but who knows.

I also don't feel comfortable about taking the car out without a good mechanic giving it a thorough going over. I've driven the car around the block one time and that's it! Craigslist special! The frozen rear caliper the previous owner told me about turned out to be a broken ring gear(worked out great though, Joe Stubblefield sold me a LSD tranny for a great price!)

I have had a few pleasant surprises though. I knew about the ss brake lines, but not about the H&R springs up front which A 951 guy wants to buy, plus the new bilsteins.

I'm very anxious to get out on the track, but I'm trying not to rush. The car has taken a lot longer than I originally thought(partially budget, didn't want to sell the Boxster)and I'm proud of some of the work, and not so proud of some, but I'm almost there.


p.s.drove on a paved oval a few weeks ago and it was a blast!! anybody for a 944 left turn only race on the high banks?

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Ron...sorry to hear about the problems you are having with the front suspension....Are these steel or aluminum? Do you have some pics of the bushing and A arm



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I've had the same problems with the sway bar stuff. I pushed on it a little and working together, the vendor and I discovered that some part numbers were missing from the pull list (slider clamp nuts) , while other parts were just simply the wrong size ( M10 instead of M12 washer.)

I laid all the parts out on the floor in their plastic bags and got on the phone with invoice in hand.

It's my hope that the next time we order, things will be right the first time.

Let's keep building it and making it better!

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