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Sunday Chapel Service provided at SoCal events

Ryan F.

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High-Octane Evangelist Aaron Schwartzbart Joins NASA Team


In response to encouragement from several NASA racers, Aaron Schwartzbart has signed on as the NASA SoCal Region's chaplain. In addition to operating MOTORGOSPEL Ministries, Aaron and his wife Tere will be providing chapel services and spiritual care at NASA SoCal region events. Aaron held the first chapel service at California Speedway in March with great success and looks forward to seeing it grow every event.


According to Schwartzbart, "Ryan, John and the whole NASA team have made us and the Buick-powered John 3:16 car very welcome at their events so when the need for a chaplain became apparent we were a natural fit. Besides running the race car, we love watching the drift events. Whether it's real racing or not, anybody who can skid a car backwards into a turn, hit the apex dead on and exit with the car hooked-up and on-line for the next turn must be doing something right."


Aaron brings a breadth of experience to the NASA team with degrees in Physics, Bible and Theology (anticipated 2005) and 19 years experience in our nation's space program (yeah that other NASA). High points of his driving career thus far have been holding off a charging Kerry Earnhardt in a black #3 Goodwrench Chevrolet at Volusia in the 90's and several NASCAR wins.


You may contact Aaron at [email protected]

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