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H1/HU questions....


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Hello all,


Just checking with those "in the know" moreso than myself in respect to Honda Challenge rules. I've read the rulebook numerous times and havn't seen any mention of HU (Honda Unlimited?) in my reading,yet somewhere I've seen mention of this class, is there such a class?

The reason I'm asking is a friend of mine owns a 1997 Acura Integra with a DART 2 litre block, T3/T4 turbo etc etc... and he would like to convert the car into a track only rig. To my best knowledge, this isn't possible in H1 because of the aftermarket bottom end, what about this HU class, is it possible there? He's willing to remove the turbo, but I believe the DART block would still be a no-no. Otherwise, to be legal in H1 he would have to drop in a different engine entirely, correct? I greatly appreciate any help, guidance or information on this situation.



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HU was discontinued due to lack of interest, etc.


so you will not see HU in the current rules but you will see mention of it for past events, etc.

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If you want to race a force fed honda, then check out NASA's Performance Touring class (PT). Boost is not legal in the current HC rules, and prob. never will be.

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