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Interchangeability of parts


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Just curious. Let's say a 1984 944 needed an engine, and I was to try to bolt in a 1987 or later engine. There's been a little change there, eh? HOW little?


And other parts. Just wondering if you shrug and say "Fugetaboutit" or if there's need for concern. Especially with an engine/transmission matchup, since that would be the most expensive problem if they don't work together.

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Since no one else jumped in I will.


To keep it short a later motor will still drop right in to an early car. There are some differences such as which side the fuel lines enter the bay, the lack of a timing belt auto-tensioner on pre-87 cars, and the use of a slightly different intake configuration and idle stabilizing system.


You can switch engines no problem but be sure to utilize the proper year DME computer as well.

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You can also swap various internal engine parts if need be.


My 84 944 chassis had a complete 87 924S motor in it for a while. Very minor issues to get thing changed over mostly mentioned by Eric.


My current motor uses an 84 block and 87 924S top end. The reason for it comes down to which parts I had on hand when I rebuilt it. There was no change in performance.

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