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Broken alternator belt at Brainerd but fun.


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Sorry to hear about the belt.


I have never seen the A/C Delete alternator belt break in all my years with these cars. I have seen the adjuster turn buckle break, but that is pretty rare if you have the alternator attached properly. (Nut tight on the alternator pivot).

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Got the car in my garage now and it's kind of odd. The belts (alternator and power steering) are still off. But when I try to start the car, the starter turns but the engine doesnt try to start, it turns but doesn't catch. The ! symbol on the dash is on. Any ideas? Would any of the wires to the radiator cause the ECU to not start the motor?

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The starter does 2 things. It stick out into the starter ring and then it turns. You don't have enough juice in the battery to move the solenoid out.

Charge it and you should be ok.

I'm not sure what caused this failure, whether the wiring harness moved into the alt fan, or the alt belt (new) failed and grabbed the wiring harness. I'm pretty sure the alt belt coming off peeled the Power steering belt off.

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Fixed the car tonight then. The front wiring harness has more than just the fan and lights etc. The coil wire is there also and this was cut along with 6 other wires total. No coil wire, no spark, won't start. I spliced them all back together with the appropriate wire gauge and it starts right up.


I just need to buy the alternator belt, fit it and it looks better than before. I wrapped the harness in electrical tape but I'm looking for something better, i.e. waterproof and more weather/wear/heat resistant to put over it.


Next track day is BIR with Donnybrooke again Sept 15th and then with PCA for 3 days at Sept 28th.

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