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Rainy track day = electrical gremlins


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So, the last track session I attended was 7/22 and it rained like hell. The car ran fine all day along. Yesterday I went to start the car to move it our of the garage and some strange things started to happen. First (likely due to the fact that I drive a diesel on a daily basis) I tend to put the key to the on position and leave it there for a second or two to let fuel pressure build before I crank it over. Well fuel pressure went up to its normal setting then the fuel pump sounded like it was not operating at 100% and fuel pressure dropped. No matter how many times I switched to key off and on it would only build about 20psi of pressure. I get out of the car to push it out of the driveway and notice that the hazard lights are on (but dim). When I take the key out of the ignition, the hazard lights go out, put the key to on, and they turn on. Remove the ECU to see if it had gotten wet and it looks good. With the ECU out, the hazard lights no longer turn on if the key is cycled.


Anyone experience something like this before??? Any suggestions?

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Dude, you just killed the battery. The fuel pump was slow because the voltage was low. Jump start it.


The car cranks and starts just fine. Even with the car running the fuel pump will only dish out about 20psi of pressure so the motor doesn't rev but it'll idle.


I have to make some time to start looking over stuff and see what got wet/fried.

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