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July 20 HPDE Pocono Altima comments and vids


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Hi all, just wanted to chime in to say that I had a blast at my first HPDE! The Friday event ran all three Pocono tracks simultaneously (North,East,South), so my schedule was basically alternating 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for the entire day. Loved it, lots of seat time. In fact I got 6 sessions in that day, 3 hours of driving time , and skipped my last session because I was mentally exhausted and my Altima wasn't sounding good (blew some exhaust gaskets).


Posted some vids on Google, search for "HPDE Pocono Altima" or use this link ... http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=hpde+pocono+altima ... enjoy.


My best moment: Really, really worked hard to earn a pass on a new Corvette (not the one in the video) on Pocono South. Top of third gear, drifting toward the concrete wall on a banked NASCAR turn, a foot off his bumper, and his hand came out of the window indicating where he would like me to pass as the words "Your flying!" were spoken by my instructor.


Wow moment: Catching a 400HP STI in the twisties only to have him leave me standing still on the back stretch on Pocono East, with flames shooting out his tailpipes.


Coolest car: 2007 Noble M15


Damn, I'm SO addicted ...

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I was there also, in the white group (HPDE 2). Green Subaru SVX with no grille. It was an awsome day. Had the best time playing with a tan Porsche 964, and an a late model track-prepped Prelude. I got in all 8 sessions, although most lasted 25 minutes or so because of overheating.


Last session on the south course, had an off, on the corner leading onto the superspeedway. I asked my instructor what I should do in my all-wheel drive car, if I'm accelerating out of a turn onto a straight, and the accelerator is on the floor, and I've drifted to the outer edge of the pavement, and the rear end starts to come out. He said "Go slower."

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Ahhh...! Fun indeed... Awesome to hear you guys had a blast... The 30 on 30 off rocks... as in awesome seat time and skill builder by running different configurations that keeps us challenged all day...


I also only did about 7 sessions only. Severely overheated post a heater hose failure... Unfortunately I was out for the weekend with a blown head gasket so I missed/lost Sat and Sun (. White 968 HPDE3.... "I'll be back"

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Thanxs for sharing your experience, sounds like you have a grin from ear to ear.


I wanted to know if the August 25th event will have the 30-30 configuration?

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