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Tiger Racing Carbon Fiber Foxbody Wide front fenders


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These are the fenders Tiger Racing and Wes Duenkel developed for Foxbody Mustangs to accomodate the 1.5 inch forward offset MM K-member and SN95 length arms. They are made of carbon fiber, weigh 3.25 pounds each, and are NASA AI legal. OutaFocus bought them from Wes and installed them on his 89 foxbody. I bought the foxbody and would rather put that money into a full cage and other improvements on the car. The fenders will need finish work and trim panels installed before paint (if that's your thing). The mounting tab near the upper door hinge was removed before OutaFocus received the fenders, but does not affect the fit or stability of the fenders.


Wes advertised these on cc.com for $1500, so we'll use that again as the asking price. I'll be at Road Atlanta Aug 10-12 and plan to bring these out. Shipping won't be a problem either, except for convincing the UPS man that there really is something inside the big box. You can email me at dorner_mail "at" yahoo.com.


Wes' website showing development of the fenders and early pics.



Here are pics of the fenders installed on an 89 with MM K-member, SN95 length MM arms, 17x9 wheels with 275/40/17 Toyo RA-1s.



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