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I'm looking to buy a transponder instead of renting one at every event.

Does anybody know were I can get a good deal on one?


What kind should I get? and how much do they usually run?

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The transponders used by NASA are made by AMB. Go to http://www.ioportracing.com and click on "for the car". Then click on "timing equipment". Then click on "AMB Transponders".


There are two types: one you take in and out of the car and you recharge it between use. It costs $375. Code AMB 10006. The other type is permanently installed in the car and you don't have to recharge it. It costs $340. Code AMB 1772.


Happy Motoring.



Challenge Racer #99

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this is what you need:



You can get it here:



or here:




Be sure to get the wired unit and make sure it has power when the ignition is powered. It would suck to not be scored for a race because your wireless unit was dead or your wired unit wasnt turned on.

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Your not going to find too many "deals" on a transponder. The dealer margins are pretty short on those. In addition to the dealers mentioned, I'll also throw in pegasusracingproducts.com.



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