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Speed Channel Gets A Wakeup Call!

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CARVAL Motorsports

Borrowed this post from Rennlist, original by J. Dunkle

Very interesting, take a moment to investigate, may be NASA's TV future here!




> Hi Folks,


> Recently, I had the pleasure of conversing with Mr. Jim Liberatore, who

> has an extensive background in Automotive Racing Programming and TV

> Broadcasting. BUT, to convince the broadcast service providers there is

> interest from the viewing public in a "non-NASCAR" racing and historic

> racing venue - we need your help!! It will take about 15-30 seconds of

> you time - and you can "vote" by simply clicking a button.... Once you

> have voted - you can optionally enter your e-mail address (which will be

> held in confidence) and offer any opinions and comments..


> Here is that link:



> From Jim, here is his overview and request for your help bringing this

> channel option into YOUR home!:

> "A new all-racing network channel is about to launch in 2008. It will

> feature many forms of racing as you will see from the list within the

> link. This is non-NASCAR racing and race series and events that will be

> shown live or first run, as well as historical and library racing. The

> network will also carry a "Club Block" which will highlight the monthly

> happenings of various car clubs throughout the country.


> However, new networks such as this need help to show that the service

> provider would gain subscribers. Please take 30 seconds to clink on the

> link found on this page http://www.theracingnetwork.com , and follow the

> prompting. There is no obligation; this is merely help to get this network

> on the air. Your email address will not be sold or given out and it is

> not even necessary to share unless you want updates on the progress of The

> Racing Network."



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