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944 Spec 108 for sale

n wright

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Selling my spec. Has new engine and tons of other new parts. The suspension is sorted and completely Spec legal. Stock headers are included in sale. Two sets of cookies with mounted Toyos are included. One set is shaved and still shows the stickers. The other set is full tread and only has a few sessions. The tires and wheels are worth at least $1600.00 alone


I shook the car down at WSIR with POC in Dec 06. It ran strong but needed a better suspension set up and shaved tires to be faster. I tweeked the suspension settings, lowered the car, put on shaved tires , and ran it at Ca Speedway in March. It handled great and was becoming very competitive before I broke a ring. I think the ring broke due to detonation caused by the head being shaved too much. Lesson learned, always know how much is taken off your head! You may end up with broken or prematurely worn rings and a scored cylinder.


Now the car has a new block with all the new parts transferred over. It's ready to go for the guy that wants to get a car that is done from bottom to top. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't.


I'm only selling because I want to run the turbo car and my son, which is why I built the car, will not be able to run it anytime soon. The car is very nicely prepared and detail oriented. Too much to list here.


Check it out here http://www.944specracing.com. I'll be managing the pictures soon to show as much as possible.


If you have the budget and want a nice complete car this is an excellent value. I will make the car available for rent with the rental fees credited toward the purchase. Try it before you buy it.

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Thanks for the compliment. I spent a lot of time sweating the details. My goal was to have a completely new old car that was safe and reliable. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It's a nice example, in my opinion, of what a spec car can be.


The chassis is a great platform to use for further development if you wanted to go 3.0 ltr or to a turbo after running it as a Spec. It's clean and simple.

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I've seen this car and it is very clean. I know a couple of guys talking about buying/building spec cars- I'll send them to your webpage.


Why are you selling?

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Cory asked


"Why are you selling?"


Here's why:


"I'm only selling because I want to run the turbo car and my son, which is why I built the car, will not be able to run it anytime soon."


He's still go karting and I want to focus on running my turbo. I've picked a 69' vette and it's taking resources. Oh yeah, there's that business thing I have to keep up with. Too many cars. I'm also selling a 1990 S2 convertible. That's a fun car.


I think my price is a value for the right guy. Others sell built cars for 12,000 - 13,500 without wheels, tires, and no LSD. They certainly don't have the paint, prep, and new parts this car has. We'll see.


Thanks for sharing with your contacts that may be looking.

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Ok, guys. Let's all help Neal get this chassis sold so we can have another 944 racing with us! Let's push it to someone WITH a racing license.

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