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Hats Off Emergency Helmet Removal System


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I just wanted to post this information for those of you who haven't seen it.


The Hats-off device is basically a folded up air bladder that you place in the top of the helmet. If you're in a wreck, and the safety crew needs to take your helmet off, they use a rubber bulb - like is used in blood-pressure 'gauges' - to blow up the bladder, which pushes the helmet off the head, rather than trying to pull off the helmet, which also tries to pull off the head and bring the neck with it.


According to the manufacturer, it's starting to be made mandatory by various sanctioning bodies, including IRL and AMA, and is supported by the Snell Foundation and the FIA.


Here's the link:





It seems to be a great supplemental safety device for 'after the fact', and at only $45 (no squeeze bulb) or $65 (with squeeze bulb), it seems hard to pass up, given the potential advantage.


Hopefully NASA is taking a look at these for use in the competition and TT classes, or at least will make the safety personnel aware of these so they can check for them before they try to remove a helmet.


Also, please note that I'm not a rep or anything, I just think the basic principle/idea is a good one.

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