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i like to road racing and i want to find a road racing series in jacksonville florida or some place close to it . i have a 1992 honda civic w/ a vtec in my garage and i have put a 8 point roll cage in it the was a bolt in but i welded it in to save time and cash . how much does it cost to race in the series . like tires , race gas . and can i use the engine that is in it or do i have to change it and i put on a nascar style C.O.T body on it ( the new nascars ) can i use it in the series or not



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I admire your interest however your information at this point is very vague. Here are some questions to consider first and everything else can be answered by looking through the CCR's for Honda Challenge.


What size tubing is the cage? What material?(DOM, ERW, Chromoly)

What engine is it? B16? B18? K20?

Modifications to engine? Cams? OEM Pistons?

Brakes? What size, type?

If it's an 8 point cage, details on it's construction and contact points are a must, 6 points is required, again, look to the CCR's for info pertaining to your particular class that you intend to run.


If you have no actual 'race' experience as in wheel to wheel in a sanctioned org, I will say right now it's best for you to spend some time in HPDE getting to know your car, the track and yourself behind the wheel. Then if you're still excited, look into a comp school and get licensed and go race.



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