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I dont know what you mean by "set events"....


But for any NASA event, you must be a card carrying NASA member.

Register for an event. (auto cross, solo, or HPDE)

make sure you read the club rules and requirements for which ever type of event you are planning to attend.


There is a tech sheet for all events. Go through it and make sure all those items are 100%. Have a shop check it if necessary.

Bring an approved helmet and proper clothing. ONce again, check the rules.


ANything you need to know is in the rules. If its not in the rules and "important information" sections....then its something you can easily learn as you go.


Welcome to NASA and have fun.

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Hello Jimmy,


Welcome to NASA.


Some of the paperwork may seem daunting if you haven't raced before.


Here's a brief summary:


1) Buy a NASA membership on line. I can show you where if you need help with that.


2) If you haven't raced, you'll be starting off in HPDE1 which is a beginner's instruction group. You will have an instructor in the car with you and the pack will be paced by an instructor at safe speeds a little slower than racing speeds. Gradually as your familiarity with the track, the flags and the hand signals grows, then your speed will come up and eventually you won't need the instructor in the car.


3) If you don't own a helmet, we'll loan you one at the track.


4) You will need to get your car inspected either ahead of time or at the track. The main things for a street car are no leaking fluids, no loose wheel bearings, good brakes, tires, brake lights, seat belts. These are not the only things but just the highlights.


5) You can pay the entry fees online ahead of time. I can help talk you through that if you need me to. The total weekend if you're just doing HPDE will probably cost you less than $500 including gas and hotel room. If you just come for one day (no hotel etc.) you can get out there for less than $200.


Don't hesitate to email me if you need anything.


Thank you Jimmy,

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