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944 Spec Regional Points


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Gang, I have the points update, I just need to make HTML files and post them.

Here is snap Shot Top 3 in each Region... Note that NO Championships have been decided


As an interesting side note there have been 205 spec starters in points races in the 4 regions in 2007 alone. Tops for 1 person is 14 races for Norm Hamden having completed at least 2 races in all 4 regions! Wow Norm. That is impressive. In those 14 races he has 6 wins, 4 2nd, 2 3rd. Only twice has he been off the podium in 14 points races. Very impressive!



Raw Points - After Drops


Arizona - 6 Races Left

1. Norm Hamden... 850 - Mikeal Weitze.......590

2. Jon Ariano..........775 - Norm Hamden......570

3. Glenn Gormley....620 - Glenn Gormley.....570


12 Races with 5 or more races so full Season Ending Toyo Bucks


So Cal - 4 Races Left

1. Tim Comeau.....415 - Tim Comeau.....415

2. Mikeal Weitze....400 - Mikeal Weitze....400

3. Jim Richmond....350 - Jim Richmond...350


4 Races with 5 staters. Need 4 more races with 5 starters for Toyo Bucks



Nor-Cal - 2 Races Left

1. Greg Brandeau....980 - Greg Brandeau - 800

2. Ken Huey...........820 - Ken Huey - 670

3. Steve Huey........695 - Steve Huey - 695


4 Races with 5 starters. Only 2 left means no Toyo Bucks


Rocky Mountain - 6 Races left

1. David Dirks.......... 770 - David Dirks.......400

2. Chuck Taylor........ 530 - Chuck Taylor.... 330

3. Chris Venturini.......470 - Chris Venturini...330


4 Races with 5+ staters and 6 left so Toyo bucks are up for grabs

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Thanks for compiling that, Joe!

Nice participation, Norm! You truly are our biggest track whore!


You two have done alot, on a continual basis, to help develop the 944 spec class. Well done, gentlemen.....

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You guys are too much, thanks for the compliments and Joe thanks for doing all of the math, I think I just realized were all of my money has gone! Wowee, thank you TOYO, that's about $1450 in tire money.


This past weekend is the first race that I have missed this season and after talking to Glenn, he said it was the most fun he has ever had at a race weekend. Way to go Timmee and NASA!!!!!


Chuck, as for getting your track record back at Pueblo, I beleive your very own Dirks was within a half of a second of my time, all he has to do is fart going down the drag strip and he can pick up that much time! That's what I do, juss kiddin! With a total of 5 races at Infineon and Pueblo, I only won 2 races! So much for being hospitable to your guests!!!


I am so so very blessed that I had the opportunity to go and hang with the NoCal guys at Infineon and the RM guys at Pueblo, the energy and excitement is so similiar in both places, it's all about what can I do for my club, not what can my club do for me, that sounds familiar. I hope that more of the AZ and SoCal gang will be able to do what I had the pleasure of doing this year to experience the differant tracks and attitudes of those guys. Not to say we don't have fun here in the SW, WE ROCK and just remember, this is were it all started!!!


I hope to make it out to Button Willow in Oct. it will depend on how hot it's gonna be.


Thanks again,

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It was a privilege to have raced with you here in Colorado. Thanks again for making the effort to join us. Hopefully I will be able to visit you somewhere way out west next year...meanwhile I'll try to fart more often down the straightaways!


Take care & congrats!

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That's it......

my next 944 produced at CRE will be the "Baked Bean Special", complete with gaseous graphics.

...and warnings about following too closely.

....no smoking within 50 ft.

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Hi Joe,


Thanks for tabulating all the data and doing this.




We appreciate you and Jim coming up to NorCal and running with us. We learned a lot! Very impressive you were able to participate in four different regions. You're a great ambassador for the series.

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