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Can a friend ride with me in HPDE?


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with out any other info, I have to say NO.


This is assuming you are in HPDE 1 or 2 and possibly 3.

Check with the people in charge of your region.


If there are "touring laps" you can take a car load of people with out helmets.

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Check section 4.6 of the CCR.



It basically states that carrying passengers is a revocable priviledge, not a right. If you have an instructor in car with you you wont be able to have a friend riding shotgun. If you are a solo driver then check with your chief instructor if you have permission to take a passenger on track.

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On the NASA homepage, click on Contact and select Jerry Kunzman in Nor Cal. Send him and email and tell him what group you're in (HPDE 1, 2, 3, or 4).


In So Cal you can usually take a passenger if you are in group 3 or 4, but sometimes they say no to group 3 - so you'd be better off to contact Jerry ahead of time.


Happy Motoring


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My experiance has been that it is solely up to the lead instructor for each run group. That being said.


HPDE 1&2 you have too many other things to worry about. The last thing you need is the distraction of a passenger. I usually run group 3 and it really depends on what the group is like. If there are a bunch of smacktards I don't take people with me. I'm not too keen on taking passengers out in HPDE 4 if you're also running with TT.


If I'm trying to LEARN the track and techniques of performance driving I don't see the point. For me it's a distraction to have a buddy riding shotty. When I do I usually end up driving well below my limits.

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