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Another Intake Manifold Discussion


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Hopefully this hasn't been talked about yet, but probably has:


Skunk2 IM NOT PRO-SERIES legality or possible legality in H2.


I did some measurements on an OEM ITR vs. the old Skunk2 IM and the differences are literally in the thousanths or hundreds of an inch on such items as runner length, port size on both the TB and head sides, and even the inside diameter is incredibly close. I have pictures of them side by side as well, and wrote down what measurements I took off the two of them. Anyone else here think that it would be a worthwhile rule submission? I know the old Skunk2 manifolds are no longer in production, and have heard on the rumour mill that they are identical to the BLOX version. I'm sure though that there are some floating around and can be had for cheap on many message boards as a cheap alternative if the opportunity presents itself. My H2 motor came with one on it and dont' want to have to tear it off if I can avoid it.





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59 views and not one reply...someone else HAS to be contemplating the same thing.


I'm pretty sure this has already been covered a bunch of times so no one wants to get back into again.


Just search on here and in the Road race and Autocross Forum on http://www.honda-tech.com/zerosearch


Blox ITR (stock like ITR) vs SkunkII


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That thread is actually mine, i'm just looking for a definintive answer, I have all of the info needed, just wanted to get a pulse check on if anyone actually would have a problem with it.

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