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For sale: 03 Evo, 20k miles, clean and fast *PRICE DROPPED*


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Well I bought this car recently and I am in love with it, but I am about to be promoted to an outside sales position. Which will put me on the road (but not in a company car) 5 days a week driving anywhere between the eastern shore of MD, eastern PA, and parts of NY state. I am not willing to do that in this car for a variety of reasons...


Here goes:


2003 Apex Silver Evo 8. 19,xxx miles. Non sunroof car. Never hit, no paint work, clear NJ title, second owner car. Garaged 99% of its life.


Oil changed with mobil 1 every 2500 since new. Diaqueen in transfer case and rear, Redline MT in trans done less than a week ago, literally. So was the last oil change. The remainder of that jug of Diaqueen also comes with the car.


Performance related upgrades:


AEM EMS w/built in UEGO (tuned by Buschur)

Buschur IC

Bushcur upper and lower IC pipes (polished)

Buschur intake/mass delete (polished)

Buschur cat eliminator downpipe (3â€

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Car turned over 19,000 last weekend.

Just put a fresh set of plugs in it.

Put 350whp and 345 ft lbs down on a load dyno this Saturday on pump gas at 21psi. About 415hp for you crank power guys


Priced at $24k now.



[email protected]

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It was used as a weekend toy mostly and has been to the drag strip once, ran 11.8 at near 120 mph, the previous owner made that pass for grins.


No issues for me, I put a new battery in it after I bought it, otherwise it has been PM only.



Warranty? A'hem, no... Take a look at the mod list.

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Yes, a dealer wouldn't cover engine issues, but is it still technically on MFR warranty? Also, I see your rally links and have to ask if the car was off-roaded? Thanks

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I responded to your email GTI-Guy.


And no, the car has never been off roaded at all. Never seen a single dirt road or a snow storm and never ever parked uncovered.

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