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PhilsTireService Hoosier Tire NASA Natl's Contingency


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PhilsTireService is very proud to be part of the NASA Nationals. PhilsTireService will be offering a Hoosier Tire contingency for all open race tire classes that run Hoosier Tires for the Championship Races on Sunday Sept 16th and for the winning Time Trialers, in their respective classes, on Saturday Sept 15th. Contingency awards will total $15,600 for the Championship event. Awards will be given in PhilsTireService bucks, redeemable only through PhilsTireService. An expiration date will apply. Two "new 2007" PhilsTireService decals will be required, one on each side of the car. Decals will be available at the track from PhilsTireService, when you sign up for the contingency. Winning drivers will need to provide a picture of the winning car with PhilsTireservice decals visible, upon redeeming contingency award.


Payouts will be as follows:


10 or more starters per class in the Championship Race and Time Trial


1st - $300 PTS bucks

2nd - $200 PTS bucks

3rd - $100 PTS bucks


7 or more starters per class in the Championship Race and Time Trial


1st - $200 PTS bucks

2nd - $100 PTS bucks


Kim and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy week of racing ........


See ya soon !!!!

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Is Hoosier helping you or supplying $$$$ for the contingency ????? Do the Hoosiers have to be bought from Phils Tire Service ?? I am suprised if it is a Hoosier contigency, that it is not mandatory to displaying Hoosier decals on 3 sides of the cars, like they ususally require everywhere else when they are supplying contingency...

It is great of you/them to be supplying contingency to the competitors at Nationals..

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Never mind I got my answers for the contigency posting page......................


I am assuming that you are offering this yourself without help from Hoosier. Although you sell other tire lines as well, so why not extend the contingency ????

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